Well, the kea is actually a bird, but not just any bird. The kea is the only alpine parrot in the world, dynamic, smart, extraordinarily curious and confiding. These are values we share as a team and apply to our approach in robotics.


We are a start-up based in Munich, Germany. The foundation for Kea Robotics was formed in 7 years of research and intellectual property at the leading robotics and AI lab at TUM.

In 2020 the Kea Robotics GmbH was established to bring modular robot technology to the market.

Our vision is to create industrial robots as versatile as a powertool. We want automation to be intuitive, simple, flexible and customizable to specific needs.

We think of automation as a creative process which involves everyone. To achieve this we follow a user-centric  development approach and work close cooperation with industry workers, developers and experts.

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We’re a team of founders with diverse backgrounds and vast industry experience in robotics. We put the needs of our customers first, embrace challenges and are technology-natives. We have come together to make flexible robots available for everyone.

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